Buenos Aires Herald - "A penultimate concert roundup" por Pablo Bardin - 20-12-2011 (extracto)


La Bella Música is an institution led by Patricia Pouchulu that has presented several series of concerts throughout the last decade but had as its big event a choral-symphonic concert at the end of the year. However, in recent years Pouchulu has been studying conducting, and she chose to be this season at the helm of an orchestral concert at the Avenida. It was a pleasant occasion.

Vivaldiīs "The Four Seasons" was done with a rather large string group (24) and four different soloists, all of them concertini of our orchestras. They didnīt attempt to play as Baroque specialists (such as Manfredo Kraemer) but they added ornaments in the right places and played with sprung rhythms and accuracy. Freddy Varela Montero (from the Colónīs Resident Orchestra) was the mainstay of "Spring"; Luis Roggero (National Symphony) did "Summer" brilliantly; Nicolás Favero (La Plataīs Argentino) dealt with "Autumn"; and Pablo Saraví (B. A. Phil) solved with bravura the picturesque intricacies of "Winter". Pouchulu accompanied tastefully.

I have a soft spot for Beethovenīs Sixth Symphony ("Pastoral") and I was agreeably surprised by an orthodox, careful reading that let us appreciate the calm beauties of most of the music but gave its due to the Storm. The ad-hoc Orquesta Sinfónica de La Bella Música, 49-strong, had Grace Medina as concertino and many prominent players.


Pablo Bardin

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