Buenos Aires Herald - "Splendid visitors from Europe" por Pablo Bardin - 18-7-2006 (extracto)

Recent weeks have provided some admirable concerts from European visitors. Some were pleasant surprises, others gave further proof of their recognized quality, a few were not completely satisfactory.


The Trio Mediterrain is Berlin-based (!) with a Spanish clarinettist (Laura Ruiz Ferreres), a Portuguese cellist (Bruno Borralhinho) and a German pianist (Florian von Radowitz). In the intimate Sofitel hall, and after a long wait (one of the piano’s strings had snapped) , we heard very nice and accomplished versions of Beethoven (Trio op. 11), the Schumann “Fairy tales” op. 132 and Brahms’ Trio op. 114.

Pablo Bardin

Extracto del artículo: cortesía diario Buenos Aires Herald