Buenos Aires Herald - "A contemporary panorama, with a dash of Mozart and Mahler" por Pablo Bardin - 23-12-2016


I was glad that Patricia Pouchulu, after the unexpected interruption of a concert season at the Brick Hotel organised by her, could find the support of the Austrian and German Embassies to present a valuable Mozart concert at the Avenida. As leader of the Association La Bella Música, since 1999 she has offered with a galaxy of artists 800 concerts; in recent years after strict training she has started a conducting career. Funding isn’t easy nowadays and has limited some symphonic projects that require big orchestras, but a night of Mozart remains a treat when you have a solid hand-picked orchestra of 32 players and two outstanding soloists (first desks of the Colón Orchestra).

The loveliness of the Clarinet Concerto (K 622) and of the Oboe Concerto K.314 (alternative to flute) was in the very good hands and artistry of Carlos Céspedes and Rubén Albornoz; apart from minor accidents, the playing was beautiful and musical, abetted by the clean and stylish conducting of Pouchulu. She then tackled the crown of Mozart’s symphonies: Nº 41, Jupiter. With scrupulous articulation and an attentive orchestra, the music flowed naturally, only lacking some intensity and rhythmic profile in the final movement, a masterpiece of counterpoint; but the battle was certainly won.


Pablo Bardin

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